Golden & Platinum Formula For Resellers PLUS Weekly Listing Accountability Template


Stay on top of your goals! This Google Sheets Template is Yours to customize the Golden Formula & Platinum Formula for the Reseller to calculate your Gross & Net Revenue and Daily Listings Needed. In addition to the Weekly Goal Tracker that auto-populates based on your goals and calculates your net listings for the week.

This Google Sheet Template will tell you EXACTLY what you need to do to make the your GOAL $$$. You can customize YOUR own google sheets template to your exact business and the formulas will populate your Gross Revenue, Net Revenue, Listings Needed, and Daily Listing Goal. You can change the variables for different business strategies to see EXACTLY what would happen. Make strategic decisions about your business with confidence!

Additionally, you will get an auto-populated Listing Goal Tracker to keep you accountable and on track to hit your goal! Use in Google Sheets or Print off and fill out each month! And Join My FREE Listing Accountability Group on Instagram!

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