I am 6 figure reseller on PoshMark and Ebay working part time and here to teach you how to leverage tools & analytics to elevate your reselling!

I’ve been reselling and upcycling over 20 years. I do this to be flexible for my 3 nuerodiverse kids. I also have a degree in Mathematics and Education, 8 years as a Statistical Modeling and Forecasting analyst experience in Corporate America. I’ve be a Ebay Open and Poshfest Speaker as well as featured on numerous podcasts and News Stations.

These experiences and mom life blend together to teach via social media, online courses, and provide tools to enable you to resell for profit, focus on strategic decisions, following YOUR numbers to drive your business, creating efficiencies to make the most profit in the least amount of time!

As a trained teacher, I have also put together courses to help you understand Data Analytics for the Reseller to meet your true potential and make the money I know you CAN!

I look forward to helping you empower your business and gain your life back!