Analytical Sales Dashboard for PoshMark with custom fields for Ebay, Mecari, and more


A Dashboard for the PoshMark Sales Report to track sales and strategies, enabling you to use your data to hit your monetary goals! Custom fields available for all Platforms.


This Sales Dashboard is an essential tool for the Reseller! The dashboard will give you insight into your data and help you make informed decisions. The simulator will help you identify, based on historical trends, how to meet your monthly monetary goals! It will help identify strategies that are working for you and the ones that can be improved for increased profits.

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It’s in an easy to use format on Google Sheets; no need to purchase additional spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel. You do not have to sell on multiple platforms to use, data will populate with just the PoshMark Sales Report. Furthermore, you can use without selling on PoshMark. However, the PoshMark Specific metric below won’t populate.

This Dashboard includes, in the form of graphs, charts, and tables:
**Applicable for Platforms entered into custom data and PoshMark® Sale Report
Custom Data
– Calculated Monthly Inventory Cost
– Average Monthly Sale Price
Total Monthly Revenue
– Revenue
– Average Sale Price
– Total Quantity Sold
– Average Profit per Item less Inventory Cost
– Revenue Graph
– Graph Year over year Revenue
– Percentage difference
** Pop up to enter your monthly monetary goal
– Graph of Total Quantity Sold
– Graph of Average Sale Price
– Simulator
– How Many Items or ASP You Need to do to Make your Monthly Monetary Goal
Platform Analysis
– Total Sold Percentage by Platform
– Total Revenue Percentage by Platform
– Average Sale Price by Platform

POSHMARK® SPECIFIC (if you input the PoshMark® Sales Report)
– Total Dollar Sold by Month
– Total Profit by Month
– Total Quantity Sold by Month
– Average Sale Price
– Average Sale Price less Inventory Cost, when applicable.
Daily Trends
– Percentage Split of Sales by Day
– Quantity Sold by Day
– Average Sale Price by Day
– Annual Graph of Daily Sales
Strategy Data (Offer To Likers, Bundles, Shipping Discounts)
– Percentage split out of Buy it Now, Offer to Likers, Other Offers (counter and offers sent)
– Percentage Split of Bundles
– Percentage Split of Shipping Discounts
– Average Sale Price for Buy It Now, Offer To Likers, Other Offers, & Bundles
Repeat Customers (customers with more than one unique order)
– Customer Names with Number of Orders
– Percentage Split of Repeat vs One Time Buyers
Sales by US State – Canadian territory not included
– Interactive Sales by State Graph
– Table with States and Quantity Sold by State

To get started on your analytical journey, you simply download your Sales Reports from PoshMark® and copy and paste into the Data Tab. For other platforms, you can enter quantity sold, and revenue sold by month. You can enter as many Platforms as you would like. The Sarah Styles™ Sales Dashboard will automatically populate the simulator, graphs and charts upon log in with your gmail. The Dashboard will work just the PoshMark Sales Report or just Platform data entered, however some graphs and charts may not populate.

The product comes with an easy “how to” video to walk you step by step through the process and how to analyze your data.

EVEN MORE!!! With purchase of this spreadsheet you will gain access to my exclusive facebook group for Data Analysis spreadsheet users. I have a degree in mathematics with 17 years of reselling experience and 7 years of statistical analysis, modeling, and forecasting experience. Big things can happen when we support each other! Join a community that is using this tool to build their business. The Facebook group does deep dive group data analytics, live sessions with me, troubleshooting, goal setting, and overall peer to peer support!

You must have and know how to use a Google account to access the dashboard. If you don’t have one there are tutorials online. I am not responsible for Google Sheets or the Google platform. I support the Dashboard only. The Dashboard is editable on a computer and viewable on tablets and phone If stay logged in on the computer.

When you purchase this product you will receive a word document with a link for a Google form to fill out to gain access the Dashboard, along with links for the facebook group. If you don’t have Microsoft Office you can open the form in Google Docs. Once you fill out the survey you will receive an email with download instructions and a tutorial video. ******WATCH THE ENTIRE VIDEO BEFORE DOWNLOADING. ***IF INSTRUCTIONS ARE NOT FOLLOWED THE DASHBOARD WILL NOT WORK AND WILL NOT BE SUPPORTED. YOU WILL HAVE TO PURCHASE A NEW ONE****

ALL COMMUNICATIONS WILL GO TO YOUR GOOGLE EMAIL. Make sure to check it and your junk folder regularly. Feel free to reach out here if you have any questions.

This spreadsheet can only be opened in Google sheets. If the spreadsheet is opened in other programs, it will break and Sarah Styles™ will not be held liable for any resulting errors or be responsible for repairing the spreadsheet. The dashboard has a log in to YOUR gmail account, and can only be used on one gmail account. The Dashboard uses a macro and Google terms and services apply. NO REFUNDS, as this is an instant downloadable product. Please ask questions before you purchase.


If you update or change information or formulas beyond the allotted cells the spreadsheet will break, and Sarah Styles™ will no longer support it. Sarah Styles™ makes no representation about your future sales or success. This spreadsheet is copyrighted by Sarah Styles™ LLC, and it may not be redistributed, shared, copied, or have derivative works created therefrom. Sarah Styles™ LLC reserves all rights and remedies available by law. If PoshMark® makes any changes to their Sales Report, this dashboard will no longer be supported.

Poshmark ® is a registered trademark of Poshmark Inc., and references to Poshmark herein are not to be construed as endorsement by or affiliation with Poshmark, Inc.

Google ®, Gmail, ® Microsoft Excel ®, YouTube ®, and Facebook ® are each the registered trademarks of their respective owners.


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