Seller Success – Fundamentals of Data Analytics for Resellers


You want to make more money, but how can understanding your numbers help you in this journey? This fundamental course will introduce you to the ways analytics will empower you to make more money.

What sells well for me? What should I source this week? What platform makes me the most money? These are common questions you may find yourself asking in your reselling journey.

The Foundations of Data Analytics for the Reseller classes have been designed to empower you to be able to answer these questions in order to make critical decisions for your specific situations using YOUR data. Regardless of platform, economics, trends, or other changes, you will be able to understand what is happening in your numbers and make strategic adjustments.  

This introductory course is for ANY Reseller who wants to grow. These principles apply for anything from a side hustle to full time resellers. That’s the power of YOUR numbers, comparing to yourself and knowing what to look at to make strategic decisions. Use your time and your money wisely to increase your profits.  By learning to look at your data you can make decisions specific to your needs. 

You do not need a background in math or analytics to gain value from this course. Fundamentals of Data Analytics for the Reseller has been designed to introduce you to the core topics that will build a foundation to understanding your data.

The course starts at the very beginning to give you a great foundation.

This Course will Provide:

  • The importance of data and why it can lead to actionable goals to increase your profits.
  • A back to basics math refresher,: with a straight forward look at why we want to understand formulas and how to apply them to reselling.
  • And we can’t forget my Golden Formula for Resellers.! Not only will I share this with you, but teach you how it works and WHY it works.
  • Data Analytics isn’t complete without a Step by Step Tutorial of Google Sheets and overview of best practices so you can get started right away!

I’ll also provide you with an overview of the 3 Dashboards I have available to help you look at your data in meaningful and actionable ways without having to create your own tools. 

I truly believe with the power of your NUMBERS you can meet your potential and make the money you want to make. You can make decisions based on FACTS and use your time and money wisely. 




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